A.R.C. Rural Services Ltd can re seed both large and small areas, from gardens, paddocks, fields, and amenity areas. We can also sow wild flower meadows of any size. We can over seed existing grass to improve its growth as a cost effective alternative to a full re seed. Grass seed can be added to worn out pastures, and in certain circumstances grazing can continue.

We use a range of specialist seed sowing machinery to apply seed accurately. These machines include a Blec Cultipack for smaller areas. Amazone Overseeder for patching and reseeding medium sized areas, and for larger areas we use an Opico Air Seeder. This machine provides a cost effective approach to all seeding requirements, be it an overseed or full reseed. Large acreages are easily handled using this method.

We offer a specialised stone burying service ideal for high quality reseeding. This machine clears stones and debris from the surface leaving an ideal tilth to sow grass seed. This results in a superior finish. This stone burying machine can also renovate equestrian arena surfaces and incorporate their toppings.