Paddock Maintenance


A.R.C rural Services Ltd harrow using a tine harrow which is ideal for sowing grass seed. The tine angle can be adjusted which makes it ideal for renovating old pastures and stimulating new grass growth. Aeration is also improved by clearing moss and thatch. Heavily poached paddocks can be levelled and seed added. It is good practice to carry out this operation each Spring to maintain healthy grass.


Using a 3 ton roller any field can be rolled leaving a superior finish. Rolling presses in stones, levels uneven areas, and encourages tillering of grass. This is recommended particularly if a hay crop is required. This operation is usually carried out after harrowing, but it can be performed separately as required.


We carry out all types of reseeding from small, formal areas to large fields. We can also over seed worn paddocks providing a cost effective alternative to a full re seed. Reseeding is best carried out between Spring and Autumn when soil temperature allows germination to take place.


Fertiliser can be spread using tractor mounted machines to encourage grass growth as required. This can be carried out during harrowing and rolling, or performed separately.

Flail Topping Service:

Any height of grass and any size paddock/field can be cut, leaving it finely mulched to aid its decomposition. Flail topping leaves a clean, attractive striped finish and spreads grass cuttings evenly for good grass management. Any re-growth can be easily dealt with.

Flail topping will also remove any unpalatable stalky grass and allows new grass to spread. This prevents the grass from growing too tall for grazing, which is perfect for Equestrian holdings.

Flail topping can turn any scruffy, over grown areas to a lawn finish. This is exactly what you need for that perfectly finished, professional look for estates, private grounds and public areas.

We also cut wild flower meadows and can clear them as well upon request.